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Find out more about IBM Cloud

IBM needs no introduction nowadays, but if we where to put a label on it then we can think of it as a global technology company that covers many domains, like software, hardware, cloud-based services or cognitive computing. With headquarters all over the world, IBM drives innovation and supports several healthcare, education and philanthropy projects.

IBM is definitely driven by a visionary approach to digital transformation in the enterprise sector. It is a strategic and reliable partner for enterprises to move in the cloud and to conduct their digital transformation.

From Think 2020 – the giant’s digital event that just occurred this year – we found out that the strategic imperatives today should be Cloud and AI in IBM’s vision (we plan to cover AI in a future blog-post).

IBM has built its multicloud solutions around the Kubernetes open source project. But teams may need more than Kubernetes alone. ‘Enterprises typically need to transform at scale, which includes orchestrating their production topology, offering ready-to-go development model based on open standards and providing management, security and governance of applications’ (source:

FIND OUT more about IBM Cloud here.

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