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Your Partner in 
delightful journeys through Omnichannel Banking

Transform your banking experience with our
Omnichannel experts! We're here to help you deliver personalized, relevant journeys that exceed
customer expectations. Our approach is rooted in a
deep understanding of your business and your
customers, ensuring every touchpoint is delightful.

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Business Overview

Touchpoints for customer engagement tailored for financial institutions, or telco/retail industries,

empowering the middle of the enterprise to communicate and collaborate across business boundaries

Omnichannel experience for customer

self-service in order to provide customers with a seamless and unified brand experience, regardless of which channel they use.

Digital Onboarding or Lending Origination journeys as the first points of interaction with the customer and can set the tone for the entire relationship.

Personal Finance Management, Insights and Analytics enabling customers to expand their experience with real-time dashboards and closely monitor their personal financial health.

Our approach

Agile product delivery can help businesses avoid the cost of missed targets, greatly reduce rework,

and increase efficiency, ultimately leading to financial benefits.


Adopt market leading platforms 
and solutions

Build with ITSS on top of open 

Mobile (Kotlin, Swift, Flutter)

Web (Angular, React, Drupal)

Backend (Java, Spring, Camunda)

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Use case

Omnichannel and Open Banking (PSD2)

Transformed the BRD brand into an Open Banking ready capitalization Digital Bank. Full deployment of the Open Banking (PSD2) in the Digital Hub. Monitoring and validation of the all-accesses through a complex contemporary API platform and Digital ID.

BRD logo

Key activities

Expose API platform with IBM Secure API through ForgeRock Agile Delivery (SAFE)

Deployment in Hybrid Cloud (OpenShift)

Passwordless login and soft-token based login, biometrics

Digital Identity (internal, external) and API security enabled by ForgeRock


Digital Identity (internal, external) and API security enabled by ForgeRock

TPP (Third Party validation)

Regulatory monitoring

Client Outcomes

Full regulatory compliance

Account aggregation feature in Omnichannel

Frictionless authentication journey


Use case

Digital banking transformation

Transform the largest Swiss credit bank into a digital bank with top UX. Additionally, take ownership of the Omnichannel Platform and Automation processes. As well as shorten the release cycle for new features in

Mobile / Internet banking and create a 360 view of customer information (Digital Touchpoints, Telesales, Branch).

Cembra logo

Key activities

Backbase Digital Banking (Retail Mobile, Internet Banking,

Employee / Branch Teller)

Agile Delivery (SAFE) Deployment in hybrid Cloud (OpenShift)

Business Intelligence and Analytics


A fully deployed Omnichannel platform covering web and mobile (Android and iOS) for daily banking, credit and automotive

Complete automation of back-office processes

Building a stat of the art Analytics engine

Client Outcomes

Successful marketing 
campaign and increased NPS

Improved time to market for new products and services in the digital space (from quarterly to monthly release cycle)

Frictionless daily 
banking journey

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Revolutionizing Identity Solutions for you: Code-Based Automation for Unbeatable Digital Security 

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Open Banking &
EU Regulations

Empowering Your Open Banking and Open Finance Future: Partnering for Digital Payment and Data Aggregation Success 

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Leading the Way: Empowering Financial Institutions for Cloud Adoption and Transformation 

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& Early Adopters

Partnering for Success: Testing and Validating Future Technologies and Emerging Innovations 

business logic icon

Business Logic 
& Decisioning

Streamline Your Business with Effortless Back-office Coordination for a Flawless Customer Journey! 

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Systems of Record 
& Operational

Revamp Your Banking Systems:
Upgrade Your Core for Better Results


Use case

Digital Banking Transformation across Mobile and Web channels

Continuous development of Mobile and Internet banking digital channels of Nova Hrvatska Banka, member of the Croatian Post Bank Group. Ensure the bank delivers innovative customer journeys while keeping compliance to regulatory or legal requirements, during challenging programs such as EURO conversion, or brand merge with mother bank in Croatia.

nova hrvatska banka logo

Key activities

Create an Improved UX a across Digital Touchpoints and increase NPS

Deliver Centralized Omnichannel for all subsidies in EU

Decentralized Operations and satellites system

Start with Croatian market, later extend to other segments and regions

Create reusable Omnichannel assets across EU markets

Comply with local regulations in each EU market


Backbase Digital Banking (Retail Mobile and Internet Banking)

Agile Delivery

Deployment in hybrid cloud (OpenShift)

Connectors for integration with SCA based on the Croatian regulation

Client Outcomes

Positive feedback and NPS for the new Digital Banking

Launched on schedule the MVP in the Croatian market

MMP followed with increased loyalty features

Kick-off for the same program in second top 
EU market

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