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Your partner in streamlining back
procedures and boost efficiency through Automation and Robotics

Although they may not be visible, your back-office
services are the backbone of a seamless and
sophisticated experience for your clients. You can
trust us to handle all your needs with the utmost care
and attention to detail.

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Embracing technologies

Process automation

Help business to automate their processes with a team of certified (BPMN 2.0) engineers. We help our customers to discover, document, automate,

simulate, optimize and run processes with the following frameworks or from scratch with open-source:

IBM Business Automation Workflow unites information, processes and users to help you automate digital workflows on premises or on cloud.

Create workflows that increase productivity, improve collaboration between teams, and gain new insight to resolve cases and drive better

business outcome. is AI-Powered Enterprise Application Modernization used to build and launch complex products rapidly and drive growth with reduce

costs of IT and business operations.

Camunda (open-source) is a universally capable process orchestration platform that allows to design, automate and improve processes.


We build together with our partners

IBM silver partner logo

IBM partner for more than 
20 years

SAS logo

Delivery partner for almost 2 years, with live implementation in banking & telco

flowx logo

Delivery partner specialized in banking automations & digital channels

bian logo

Banking Integration Architecture Network

Open source
and Engineering

APIG, Kong etc.

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Use case

Enterprise Architecture Integration

IT Smart Systems have partnered with Vodafone (one of the biggest telco companies in Romania) for

more than 19 years in building and operating the company’s Enterprise Architecture Integration.

Vodafone is a leading technology communication company in Europe and Africa, keeping society

connected and building a digital future.

Vodafone logo

Key activities

Transform backend spaghetti integration into an Enterprise

Application Integration infrastructure, Connecting all the systems, regardless of integration protocol.

Be robust, scalable, secure, and reliable with high transaction per second rate.

Be able to automate long-running processes to avoid or reduce human interaction (for number portability).


IBM App Connect Enterprise (former IIB), IBM MQ,  IBM OPTIM
IBM WebSphere Adapters, IBM Process Server, IBM Streams, 
IBM Business Automation Workflow, IBM ApiConnect, 
IBM Data Power, IBM DataStorage, Building numerous Open

Banking services and deploy products

Client Outcomes

Successfully delivered an EAI infrastructure running on 
multiple clusters with automated fail-over and disaster recovery.

The solution is composed of 500+ applications that are connecting more than 20 external systems and run 2000 transactions per second in peak intervals.


Use case

Middleware Integration

Collaborating since 2018, BCR and ITSS worked together on various system implementations. From

automating business process for front and back office by implementing an Operations Gateway using

IBM Business Process Manager, to being in the middle of the bank’s payment system by implementing a

service oriented architecture using IBM ACE 11.

BCR logo

Key activities

Automate and streamline business process such as Front Office Account Opening, MiFID by reducing human input and integrate

with existing bank systems for document processing, data storage

Deliver a robust, scalable, secure and reliable core messaging platform

Have enterprise-wise connectivity features

Fully support SWIFT MT and SWIFT 20022 standard

Connection to several core systems (using JMS, AQ, SOAP, REST, File, Kafka, ODBC)


IBM App Connect Enterprise


IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender

​Custom Integration Nodes to connect to AQ

Customer Transformation Nodes to process SWIFT MT


​Deployment in hybrid cloud (OpenShift)

IBM Business Automation Flow (Former BPM)

Client Outcomes

The Operations Gateway is now running in bank branches 
from all over the country

BCR customers are interacting with our product every time 
they are doing in-location bank operations. We are in the 
middle of a swift payment system.

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Systems of Record 
& Operational

Revamp Your Banking Systems:
Upgrade Your Core for Better Results


Use case

Master data management

Since 2016 ITSS is responsible for Cora’s golden records by maintaining and the implementing new features in it’s master data management system.

Cora logo

Key activities

Serve information to external systems such as middleware, retail application, fidelity application

Create a reliable system that centralizes data about all the sold products

Be able to connect via FTP, WS, HTTP, JMS, MQ

Transform and filter exposed and saved data by store criteria


IBM Product Master (formerly IBM Master Data Management)

IBM App Connect Enterprise


Client Outcomes

The MDM system is now serving all Cora’s core systems with information about it’s products and acts as a golden record storage.

All product metadata are saved in IBM IPM and then served using the integration layer to systems ranging from delivery to in store stock management systems.

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