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Business Overview

Application Modernization

We believe that the financial sector will experience a massive adoption of Cloud in the future. 

API-management with cloud-native gateways

Migration of digital channels or digital experience microservices type of workloads to managed Kubernetes or Serverless Architectures

Managed messaging applications for financial services (queue based, 
topic based)

Application optimization for low latency (identity)

Event driven applications for financial services

Migration from on-premises Kubernetes or container-based architectures to public cloud-managed Kubernetes

Multi-cloud, high availability across

multiple zones and regions, increased

application resilience, conformance (compliance to the high availability requirements in DORA)

Your partner in financial sector for Cloud adoption and Transformation for 
the future

Let’s take your business to the next level together! We are here to provide expert guidance and support for cloud adoption and transformation. You will be equipped to navigate the complexities of the cloud.
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Business Overview

Embracing technologies

We build together with our partners

We have hands-on delivery experience deploying our customer’s applications in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Our Clients

Large Financial Institution in UK and Baltics

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Revolutionizing Identity Solutions for you: Code-Based Automation for Unbeatable Digital Security 


Open Banking &
EU Regulations

Empowering Your Open Banking and Open Finance Future: Partnering for Digital Payment and Data Aggregation Success 



& Early Adopters

Partnering for Success:
Testing and Validating Future Technologies and Emerging Innovations


Business Logic 
& Decisioning

Streamline your Business with Effortless Back-office Coordination for a Flawless Customer Journey!


Systems of 

Enhance Customer Experience with Omnichannel Banking:
Your Trusted Partner for Delightful Journeys


Systems of Record 
& Operational

Revamp Your Banking Systems:
Upgrade Your Core for Better Results

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