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Take control of your financial future with instant real-time bank data.
Ryke – your financial advisor.

Get ready to conquer your financial goals like a pro.

Check your bank accounts and 
pay by bank from one place

Using Open Banking, Ryke consolidates your financial

data into a secure and user-friendly mobile platform.

All your bank accounts 
in a single dashboard.

Experience the convenience of managing all your bank accounts in a centralized place, thanks to Open Banking and Smart Accounts. No more logging in and out of multiple platforms or juggling various banking apps.

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The safest and 
most secure way
to track your financial data

Ryke brings you the ultimate financial technology through SmartPay and Smart Accounts tools officially approved by the National Bank of Romania, ensuring dependability and security.

Make Ryke your personal financial assistant and achieve true financial wellness.

Try Ryke features to simplify your financial journey

Ryke Accounts


Ryke PFM (personal finance management)

Ryke push-notifications

Available banks in Ryke

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