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Your partner in creating your most secure presence in the Digital Identity Space

We protect your digital identity with advanced technology and customized services, including identity verification, authentication, data protection, and privacy management and automation.

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Business Overview

Capabilities include
the following
main areas:

Zero-trust Security

Securing Digital Banking, Open Banking, PSD2,
3DSecure 2.0

Biometrics & Passwordless „Done Right”

Support compliance with technical standards, laws, and regulations

IAM resiliency

Digital Identity modernization

Enhance user experiences in the access and use of systems and data

Digital transformation initiatives by connecting technologies used by customers

More Granular Components

Digital Identity

Custom Identity & Access Management

User Provisioning

Employee Productivity IAM

Identity Federation

Financial API Security (FAPI)

Adaptive Access

Transaction Risk Analysis

Strong Customer Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

API Security & Privacy


Open Banking

Explicit and Implicit Consent

Best in class API Security


Login credentials are unique across every website

Never leave the user’s device and are never stored on a server

Eliminates the risks of phishing, all forms of password theft and replay attacks


Uses simple build-in methods such as fingerprint readers/cameras, or leveraging easy-to-use FIDO security keys

Consumers can select the device that best fits their needs


Keys are unique and cannot be used to track users across sites

Biometric data, when used, never leaves the user’s device

Business Overview

Embracing technologies

Identity as Code

Momentum automates Single Sign On for Digital Business Partnerships, following the "Everything as Code" paradigm and integrating with every Identity Provider solution. It provides fast and secure access for customers and employees in hours, saving time and resources while prioritizing security.

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Welcome to the new Identity as Code solution, now available for you in early access.

We build together with our partners


Ping Identity Delivery Approved Partner, with a track record of more than 7 years. Find out more.

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Delivery partner for almost 2 years, with live implementation in banking & telco

IBM Partner Plus silver logo

IBM partner for more than 
20 years

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Success delivery partner in CEE 
& Nordics

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Fresh Delivery partner

Explore our success stories


Use case

Building Digital Identity

One of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East, headquartered in Amman, Jordan, with more than 600 branches on five continents. IT Smart Systems has partnered with this bank to help drive Digital Identity in Open Banking spectrum adoption and comply with local regulations in each market.

Arab Bank logo

Key activities

Implementing ForgeRock Consent Management Strong Customer Authentication AISP & PISP Support

Multiple product types (payment, loans, credit cards)

API Security for XS2A


A modern API platform exposing bank accounts and payments


Secure all the exposed APIs by using ForgeRock features

Building numerous Open Banking services and deploy products

Client Outcomes

Implementing and helping model the initial AISP and PISP flows for Jordan and Bahrain when no documentation was yet available from OBF

Implemented security
for the flows

Offered consultancy on Open Banking adoption and development for the bank (including TPP integration)


Use case

Omnichannel and Open Banking (PSD2)

Transformed the BRD brand into an Open Banking ready capitalization Digital Bank. Full deployment of the Open Banking (PSD2) in the Digital Hub. Monitoring and validation of the all-accesses through a complex contemporary API platform and Digital ID.

BRD logo

Key activities

Expose API platform with IBM Secure API through ForgeRock Agile Delivery (SAFE)

Deployment in Hybrid Cloud (OpenShift)

Passwordless login and soft-token based login, biometrics

Digital Identity (internal, external) and API security enabled by ForgeRock


A fully deployed Open Banking platform covering retail and


TPP (Third Party validation)

Regulatory monitoring

Client Outcomes

Full regulatory compliance

Account aggregation feature in Omnichannel

Frictionless authentication journey


Use case

Consolidate Digital Identity and Security for payments service

The largest fintech and payments processor in the world. A global fintech and payments company with solutions for banking, global commerce, merchant acquisition, billing and payments, and point-of-sale. It also connects 2 million ATMs.

Fiserv logo

Key activities

Consolidate Digital Identity and Security with ForgeRock for payments service provider customer base

Integrate with SaaS and PaaS platforms

Enter the API economy with an API first approach

Secure the authentication for the Soft Point of Sale

Fast time to market and deployment in AWS (pilot project)


Identity Synchronization Standardised OIDC Single Sign On across

all applications

Implementation in AWS Managed Kubernetes (EKS)

Multi-Availability Zone deployment of ForgeRock Digital Identity

Framework for Federation with Saas platforms

Highly hardened security authentication journey for Soft Point
of Sale

Client Outcomes

Reduced number of call centre calls for credential related issues

Fast onboarding of new applications in Simple Sign On

Reduced time of implementation of Identity related journeys in MicroFrontends

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