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Transform performance & wellbeing in your company

Harp brings together performance, vacation, and benefits in a user-friendly, easy-to-use, modular application. Go beyond just ‘enforcing’ processes and maximize their potential by analyzing data and making use of automated employee nudges along the way.


Help us decide on our Harp ambition. Test Harp with us and leave your mark on the next-gen HR apps

All your HR needs are in one place

Be part of your employees experience journey. Harp enables individuals, managers and HR to better conduct performance process, encourage wellbeing and allow for more flexible benefits choices. All while enjoying the ride. Harp gives managers, individuals and HR time to focus on more value creation tasks, at the same time while offering a more tailored experience for everyone.

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Striving for performance

Create a culture of ownership, shared responsibility and proactive initiative. Harp brings value to everyone involved implementing a performance system that empowers people to take ownership on their performance, bringing more transparency and fairness along the way.


Take a break

Engaged teams do better work and bring higher business results. Harp vacay follows end-to-end the vacation process and encourages people to take a break at the right time for them and for your team.


A little extra

People commit to a company that sees them as a person, not just an employee and through Harp benefits, they can have the flexibility they need to choose from a preferred list of benefits that best suits their needs.


Tailored to your needs

Metrics, data and independence from technical teams. HR people can analyze insights from all modules and configure the application designing the right flows to respond to their needs and internal processes in an easy way.


We are fueling modern enterprises with friendly and easy to use HR practices.

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