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Easy Single Sign On across

your Digital Business Partnerships

now with MOMENTUM.

Welcome to the new Identity as Code solution,
now available for you in early access.

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Momentum is your Identity as Code Service

It delivers fast and secure customer or employee access, in hours, not weeks.

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About the tool

Momentum is built to save you time and resources, so you can focus on the important things that require your attention. It follows the latest technological trends, and it is centered on security. The tool brings the "Everything as Code" paradigm to Digital Identity and provides standard based integration with Identity Provider solutions.

OAuth is a highly adopted authorization framework focused on providing a secure and developer friendly way for applications to gain access to protected resources through resource owner approval and secured means of application identification and communication.

OpenID Connect is an identity layer on top of OAuth and in conjunction they enable Single Sign On by protecting and authorizing access to user information which would otherwise be duplicated and spread across multiple systems.

SAML is a standard dedicated to authentication and security information exchange. It is appreciated for its clear and precise rules and security practices, which provide a safe and reliable way for applications across multiple domains to communicate and share information.  This highly regulated exchange pattern is what enables Single Sign On and Identity Federation over a high variety of applications today.

The SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol is an application-level standard that enables secure management and exchange of identity data across domains. Based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Representational State Transfer (REST), this standard leverages REST APIs to facilitate creation, modification, retrieval, and discovery of identity resources, including users and groups.

We deliver identity {as code}

Check out the Momentum video and think Drive, Trust, and Productivity.

Automate Single Sign On across your
Digital Business Partnerships

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Common use cases for Identity as code

Learn more about how to build Momentum in your particular situation


Possible use case

Corporate Productivity

CISO / Application Owners must give fast and secure access to the tools their company needs to boost their team's productivity. But that sometimes takes weeks.






Other industry standard applications

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Momentum automates and expedites the integration of digital tools using predefined application templates for the industry-standard applications. Weeks can become hours.


Possible use case

Digital Business

Digital Product Owner / Chief Digital Office needs to deliver business outcomes with digital partnerships that are secure and offer the best end-user experience.

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Momentum connects Identity Providers with Service Providers and Relying Parties, in an automated and manageable way. Especially in dynamic environments with frequent changes. This helps organizations expand their digital ecosystem with secure agreements. 

For SaaS API providers, Momentum enables secure partner integration for fast onboarding flows.


Possible use case


Security Operations Professionals need to efficiently manage the cyber requirements for the digital partnerships, therefore struggle to manage the lifecycle for hundreds of applications across multiple environments and deliver the secret/credentials rotation processes in an auditable manner.

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Momentum provides Identity as Code, with a solution based on Terraform, that can be easily integrated into the SecOps or DevOps processes of your company.

Do you have a specific use case? Drop us a line.

We have tamed the Digital Security field for 15 years and believe we've seen it all. 
We can't wait for a new challenge!

Make sure you seize the {momentum} 
in the early access phase

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