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Your Partner in
the future of Systems of Record

Join us as we delve into the future of banking
systems and uncover the opportunities and
challenges that lie ahead.

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As the frontend transformation era between 2018-2023 draws to a close, we find ourselves in the midst of the API Layer/Middleware period. Looking ahead, we predict that there will be a significant shift in core banking systems following 2025. Our team is dedicated to investigating this potential shift and understanding its implications on the


With a deep understanding of the current state of the API Layer/Middleware era, we are uniquely positioned to explore the future of core banking systems. By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating upcoming changes, we can help our clients navigate this complex landscape and stay competitive in the years to come.

We are working alongside
our partners in Core Banking

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Designed for well-established
banks, helping to innovate and
boost the potential of legacy

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Designed for Neo-banks
acceleration and success – 
Core Banking as a Service

Human Resources Systems

Empower Your Workforce with HARP

Transform performance & well-being in your company with our all-
in-one HR solution

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Harp is the new solution we created to enhance performance processes, promote employee well-being, and provide a wider range of benefits options.

The app empowers managers, individuals, and HR professionals to focus on more value-creation tasks while offering a personalized experience for

every need. From boosting productivity to promoting work-life balance, Harp has got you covered.


Elevate your business with Harp's Performance Management



Take a break with Harp's Vacay Module


Prioritize well-being with Harp's Benefits Module


Automate HR tasks with Harp's Metrics, Reports, and

Configuration Module

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Revolutionizing Identity Solutions for you: Code-Based Automation for Unbeatable Digital Security 

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Open Banking &
EU Regulations

Empowering Your Open Banking and Open Finance Future: Partnering for Digital Payment and Data Aggregation Success 

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Leading the Way: Empowering Financial Institutions for Cloud Adoption and Transformation 

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& Early Adopters

Partnering for Success: Testing and Validating Future Technologies and Emerging Innovations 

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Business Logic 
& Decisioning

Streamline Your Business with Effortless Back-office Coordination for a Flawless Customer Journey! 

Revamp Your Banking Systems:
Upgrade Your Core for Better Results

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