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About our community

For over two decades, we’ve worked with a steady stream of the world’s biggest players in the industry, and we have been

in a continuous process of transformation and growth.

We are based in Bucharest and Chisinau and our community has over 150 passionate professionals, working together

to create innovative products for our clients.

We value fresh ideas, passion, and most of all our community!


While working on cutting-edge technologies and on-the-rise domains, you will discover new interests and put your career in hyper-growth mode. For us, innovation never stops, and we continuously improve and grow always to be the Romanian Digital Transformation Enabler of choice.


So, while our clients see us as a very successful implementation partner, able to tackle any challenge, we think of ourselves as something more: a strong community in continuous development.

What we stand for

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Keep track of your impact and make sure you leave your mark

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We aim for warm, with ease, but yet professional communication

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My responsibility, my choice! We value driven &autonomous people

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Where belonging really matters. We nurture the power of many (and we rely on each other)

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We define Flexibility as giving the possibility to choose and the power to adapt

Our values

Flexibility in the workplace




ITSS is one of the first IT companies in Romania to embrace full work flexibility.   

At IT Smart Systems we made it our mission always to improve, innovate and be flexible, in a community of very enthusiastic professionals. We define FLEXIBILITY as giving the possibility to choose and the power to adapt.  

We are proud to say that flexible working is our way of working, and it has been for a long time. We are a creative and diverse community; therefore, a 'one size fits all' approach doesn’t fit us. 

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Remote work

Work from anywhere

Flexible hours

Job rotation

Work-life balance

Autonomy & ownership

ITSS Vibes

Part of the people behind the products and services. Lots of happy faces here and lots of memories shared 

Up to speed with the news

Everything you want to know about the industry or about our developments

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26th Tibles Alley, 6th District Bucharest - Romania

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