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Bring your customer experience to life with the Fintech App Accelerator (FiMA)

Prime choice for fintechs in banking, retail, payments,

wallets, fuelled by advanced financial technology

From idea to market in just 4 weeks!

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The future of financial app development
is rooted in the Open Banking technology

Level up your user and merchant experience


Focus on your business and customers’ acquisition with 
fast go-to-market architecture:

Versatile Building Blocks

Minimum time & effort on your end

Our team of experts in mobile app dev, re-design & app reskin, open banking technology, maintenance & support

Powerful benefits delivered in flexible building blocks


Easy app administration

Seamlessly manage the core capabilities for registration, login, passwords, credentials, and profiles. Keep in touch with your users via real-time push notifications or email alerts.

Account Information Service

Real-time Account Information

Provide your customers with easy access to their balances, transactions, aggregation, and effortless transaction filtering.

Payment Initiation Service

Pay by bank

Enhance customer convenience with Account2Account payments using Request to Pay, QR Pay, and Invoice Pay methods.

On top

Insightful Financial Analytics

Gain valuable insights for you and your customers with the PFM, Analytics, and Scoring tools for smarter financial decisions.

On top

Engaging Loyalty System

Increase customer loyalty with personalized rewards and offers by scanning bank transactions and capturing individual spending patterns.

Ready to start with any of our use-cases or do you have your own Fintech App idea?

Upgrade your platform's capabilities to make complex financial tasks simple and easy

Cloud-ready – seamless service integration into your existing infrastructure

Security - robust measures to highly secure your data access and usage

Digital Identity – high-end CIAM solutions for user access and authentication, to boost customer value, reduce costs, and improve agility.

Go Live in 4 weeks

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Use cases 
Transform your platform with the Fintech App Accelerator 
(FiMA): your gateway to the exciting world of fintech.

Take control of your finances with Ryke – the first Personal Finance Management app on open banking

You might have started tens of Excel worksheets or used more advanced apps to keep track of your expenses and income without losing continuity. Yet, somehow, you eventually abandoned the discipline. 

Ryke changes the game. As the first mobile app for personal finance management, it gives you complete control over your finances without any manual input or time commitment. By connecting to open banking technology, Ryke automatically consolidates all your real-time transactions from your bank accounts, simplifying your financial oversight. It also enables secure peer-to-peer and invoice payments directly from your bank account.

Find out more about the future of personal finance management with Ryke.

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Fintech Mobile App Accelerator

Are you prepared to take your mobile app to the next level of financial simplicity? Experience the power of

our accelerator with a personalized demo.

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customers’ experience?
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