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Press Release: IT Smart Systems announces new partnership with Konsentus

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

IT Smart Systems, Romania’s leading digital transformation company, selects Konsentus for Third Party identity & regulatory checking.

Romania, June 18th, 2020: IT Smart Systems announced today that they have selected Konsentus as a partner to provide their customers with Third Party Provider (TPP) identity and regulatory checking services.

PSD2 is an EEA regulation enabling payment users to have better control of and access to their transactional account data by giving regulated third-party providers the ability to initiate payments and access customer account data.

IT Smart Systems delivers the IT components of Digital Transformation programs, offering their customers Open Banking API solutions enabling them to bring new products and services into the market.

Konsentus is the only SaaS based API solution in the market providing Financial Institutions with real-time Third-Party Provider (TPP) identity & regulatory checking services. When a Financial Institution gives access to a TPP through their dedicated interface, they need to be confident that they are not putting their customer’s data at risk. Konsentus Verify is a solution that Financial Institutions can quickly and easily deploy performing PSD2 TPP Identity & Regulatory checking on their behalf to help reduce fraud and mitigate risk.

Vlad Marinescu, Director, IT Smart Systems stated: “Trust and added value are the qualities we look for in our partnerships. With Konsentus we can be confident that we’re offering our customers a streamlined but secure and compliant Open Banking solution.”

Peter Majgaard, VP Business Development Konsentus, commented: “IT Smart Systems keep complex IT simple. At Konsentus we’re all about removing the complexity so they were the ideal partner for us to work with to ensure they can provide their customers with a frictionless, safe and secure Open Banking solution.”

IT Smart Systems joins a growing number of partners using Konsentus Verify to mitigate risk and reduce online fraud resulting from unauthorised or fraudulent TPPs being given access to end user transactional account data.

About IT Smart Systems

IT Smart Systems (ITSS) is a Digital Business Transformation Company, working with partners across Europe since 2002. The company has strong capabilities in delivering IT components of Digital Transformation programs in the following domains: Open Banking implementations (with UK Open Banking and NextGenPSD2 Berlin Group compliant solutions), integration of the backend capabilities following SOA best practices, orchestration of all interactions across the entire ecosystem of clients, partners, employees, and systems, while securing external access to services by intelligent Identity & Access Management and exposing services through all digital channels.

With a Team of 100+ highly skilled IT-Professionals focused/specialized in a few niche areas, we at ITSS are currently digitalisation and integration enthusiasts. We are constantly enhancing our capabilities by embracing our client’s tech challenges in successful implementations, in order to keep IT simple.


Ioana Dumitru

+40742 837786

About Konsentus:

Konsentus provides confidence in Open Banking. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Konsentus Verify, consolidates data from a multitude of regulatory databases and registers, providing the information to our customers in real-time enabling them to comply with PSD2 Access-to-Account. Issued through simple cloud-based RESTful APIs, our easy to implement service helps Financial Institutions reduce risk, limit liability and fight fraud by ensuring data is only ever given to legitimate and regulated Third-Party Providers (TPPs).

Headquartered in the UK, with operations across Europe, our world-class TPP identity and regulatory checking solution, Konsentus Verify, gives Financial Institutions the confidence they need to grow their business whilst knowing their customers are protected and they are delivering against regulatory requirements.


Nicky Valind

+44 (0) 07437 190014

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