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IT Smart Systems recognised as ASPIRANT in the Platform IT Services in BFS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2

We are proud to announce that we have reached an important milestone for our company, as EverestGroup has recognised IT Smart Systems as an Aspirant in Banking and Financial Services (#BFS) in its report 'Platform IT Services in BFS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022'.

'IT Smart Systems feels privileged with this achievement, that places the company we created 20 years ago on the global map of Banking and Financial Services (BFS)', states Cristian Barbu, Managing Partner.

This positioning recognizes IT Smart Systems’:

  1. Vision for the client and itself, with future roadmap and strategy

  2. Depth and breadth of services portfolio across service subsegments/processes

  3. Innovation and investment in the enabling areas, e.g., technology IP, industry/domain knowledge, innovative commercial constructs, alliances, etc

  4. Value delivered to the client based on customer feedback and transformational impact

IT Smart Systems is the only Romanian company ever featured in the Report, that focused mainly on the 18 assessed companies’ vision and capability and market impact. We are delighted to be in such a good company, and we congratulate all the service provides featured in this assessment and the PEAK Matrix®team for their work.

Download the ‘Platform IT Services in BFS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022’ Report: HERE.

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