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Transforming for growth – our partnership with IBM

Find out some interesting insights about our partnership with IBM directly from the source. Read what Cristian Barbu had to say about IT Smart Systems journey of growth over the years, in the most recent blog-post featured by the IBM Business Partner Blog.

Cristian Barbu, Managing Partner I founded IT Smart Systems in 2002, initially as an IT sub-contractor to IBM in the telecom space. The Romanian market was dominated by a few key players at the time, and as we grew our capabilities with IBM products and solutions, we were able to expand in 2009 into software reselling. More recently, we’ve moved into creating and selling our own offerings, based on IBM® Cloud® technology. Now IT Smart Systems delivers cutting-edge digital business transformation solutions that enable our customers to access their backend data and services and to orchestrate, secure and expose them using an omnichannel approach.

Read the full blog-post here.

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