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The Digital Ecosystem needs Digital Identity. Identity as Code simplifies Digital Partnerships

With most activities nowadays happening online, new solutions are needed to keep digital identities safe online. Industries like Retail, Financial Services, and Insurance now rely heavily on Digital Identity services as a business enabler for product origination, establishing digital partnerships, user registration, checkout, loyalty campaigns, customer experience enhancements such as passwordless access to one’s account, and digital onboarding. Meanwhile, a Romanian digital business transformation company pioneers a fully automated way to manage digital partnerships.

During the pandemic, account hacking, fraud attempts, or security breaches increased by 70%, which makes the need for digital identity safety even more stringent. Moreover, many companies are now offering their services on different regional markets through several touchpoints & channels, and wish to provide their users the same experience in different countries.

Identity protection is important and will become increasingly more pressing as companies and individuals continue to move their data to the cloud. Going passwordless is just the first step to securing the digital identity and everything that happens behind the scene is crucial for keeping the identities safe and secure,” says Daniel Coman, Manager, Digital Trust Assurance with IT Smart Systems.

Providers of digital identity services such as IT Smart Systems are key to companies in banking, retail, and fintech, which rely on them for digital identity and access management, digital onboarding, electronic ID (eID) / digital wallet, as well as identity and access management managed services and identity and access management SaaS or in the Cloud. Such companies choose IT Smart Systems as a partner to create next-generation Digital Channels. 

There is a need for interoperability and a common language that all identity providers and service providers can understand, which are critical to allowing digital identities to be used in a way that is safe and protects the user's privacy. 

How does this work? Digital identity uses behavior and reputation patterns to establish an identity footprint and then challenges the identity when this digital footprint changes, such as location, browser, pattern, and path, among others. Through IDaaS, it uses managed Cloud resources to offer digital identities, Single Sign On, and federated access management in a simplified manner that allows businesses to focus on their core offering.

At IT Smart Systems, we have built and continue growing a team of experts in implementing complex solutions in the Digital Identity space. We are actively researching the modern standards in this domain to help our partners protect their businesses and their customers from fraud. In the past years, the businesses we are working with have challenges in managing digital partnerships at scale, providing Single Sign On for their workforce or customer, with tens or hundreds of active integrations across SaaS and Cloud services”, said Daniel Coman.

We are also investing constant effort and energy to develop assets that could potentially accelerate modern initiatives of Digital Identity, focused more on Automation and Managed Identity Services,’ he added.

As Information Technology is being revolutionized by the “Everything as code” initiatives, it becomes clear that automation of any process or resource requires process metadata in a machine-readable format. The establishment and management of Digital Partnerships can benefit from automation in a similar way, and this can potentially save weeks of work for the professionals that handle this process.

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We launched yesterday Momentum, the Identity as Code solution that is going to revolutionize the way you secure your digital partnerships. 🔒 We know that security is a top priority for you, as it is for all our clients and partners, and that is why we have made it our mission to simplify the process for you.

With Momentum, you'll be able to automate your identity management with ease, making it more efficient and secure than ever before.

Take a look at what Momentum is in the video below describing the solution.

IT Smart Systems is pioneering this field with Momentum, an Identity as Code solution that is standards-based and can integrate with any Identity Provider on the market. This heavily simplifies managing Single Sign On and Digital partnerships for businesses”, declared Daniel Coman, Manager, Digital Trust Assurance with IT Smart Systems.

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on Identity integration struggles? We are thrilled to announce that Momentum is now available in early access for anyone interested!

The Identity as Code solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with any Identity Provider platform, making your life easier and more productive. Plus, it's secure, so you can have peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

Fill out the form on our website now and let's get started with your digital identity transformation.

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