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IT Smart Systems solutions at GoTech World 2023

Updated: Mar 15

We teamed up with Smart Fintech last year for the GTW2023 event to dive into the world of financial technology innovation through open banking. We talked about our popular business solutions like SmartPay, Smart Accounts, and SmartPG Suite, while also introducing our user-friendly B2C app Ryke for a hands-on experience in understanding open banking in Romania.

We were thrilled to unveil, as well, our latest HR automation solution - Harp - and introduce a cutting-edge digital identity solution - Momentum - Identity as Code. At ITSS, we're all about embracing digital transformation and streamlining internal processes. Our passion lies in open banking and digital identity solutions, and we are glad we could share our expertise with you during this engaging event.

On the Business Transformation Stage, we have presented another ITSS innovation: 'You can now build your fintech app in just one month. Showcasing innovation through the power of open banking.' So take a closer look at FiMA.

And make sure you don't miss our interview at the booth:

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