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ITSS 19th B-day

Updated: Jan 25, 2022


So, we’re #keepingitsimple since 2002.

We’ve organised an online (how else) party in ITSS to mark this anniversary, and let me just say it was g_r_e_a_t!

Ok, we had some extra help for that to be honest – we’ve attended a live magical show called ‘The impossible room‘ – pretty famous around here, with Vlad Grigorescu as host & entertainer. We recommend it dearly!

In addition to it, we enjoyed the traditional (from now on) photo-challenge, making all kind of funny photos and videos.

Worth mentioning here the most voted one (with 3 of our managers):

…and had some laughs going down the memory lane, like that time one of our colleagues entered shirtless in a Teams meeting, or another one being mistaken by its twin, but all these are kind of private and we intend to keep these moments to ourselves.

All things considered, we had a bast on our 19th B-day! We have built an awesome #Community in ITSS and always find activities to amuse ourselves even during WFH, and always together.

Here’s to us, ITSS!


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