2022 Meetup Series

We aim to bring together the tech communities in Romania with similar interests, that are ready to share ideas and discover new ways of growing through collaboration. 


JAVA Meetup

Java Native Applications with Spring Boot

While passing from a monolithic architecture to microservices, the startup time and the resources consumed are becoming more and more important. Spring Native comes with possible solutions for applications using JavaSpring.

Agenda for this session: 

  • Java Native Introduction: what are Java Native and GraalVM and about the performance issues addressed

  • What is Spring Native?  How does Spring integrate the native compiling into the framework.

  • Use case: A practical example with a Spring microservice compiled native.

  • Discussions and Q&A

When & Where: 24th of November, 6.30 pm, Aleea Tibles 26, 6th District, Bucharest

New: Online on Teams 

Language for this session: Romanian

Speaker of this session

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A few things about Eugenia

  • MSc in Computer Science with strong experience in developing software applications.

  • Currently, she is programming backend applications with Java Spring, but has a rich experience as a full-stack developer for web applications using Java EE or EAI projects using IBM’s related tools. 

  • She worked in several teams, as a developer or lead, in various project phases (from design to production and maintenance), constantly learning and sharing further her knowledge, in internal trainings, meetups or presentations.

Eugenia Cemartan

Senior Java Developer

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What are Coroutines and why do we use them?

As programming languages and SDKs continue to evolve, it's important to understand the reasons behind any technology we use. Most of developers tend to make technical decisions based on community recommendations but very few are actually questioning further.

Agenda for this session: 

  • Introduction: Processes & Threads

  • Coroutines Fundamentals

  • Performance Comparison

  • When to use Coroutines?

When & Where: 26th of October, 6.30 pm, Aleea Tibles 26, 6th District, Bucharest

New: Online on Teams 

Language for this session: Romanian

Speaker of this session


A few things about Cosmin

  • Tenacious learner with an amazing desire to have an impact in every project he's involved

  • Reliable member of the team

  • Attention to details

  • Experienced in building Android apps for enterprise projects in Mobile Banking and Telecom

  • Proven expertise in developing enterprise applications, following SOLID design principles with various design patterns

Cosmin Deliu

Android Technical Solutions

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iOS Meetup

iOS Architecture MVVM with Combine

Combine was introduced as a new framework by Apple in 2019. The framework provides a declarative Swift API for processing values over time and can be seen as a 1st party alternative to popular frameworks like RxSwift and ReactiveSwift.

If you’ve been trying out SwiftUI, you’ve likely been using Combine quite a lot already. Types like ObservableObject and Property Wrappers like @Published, all use Combine under the hood. It’s a powerful framework to dynamically respond to value changes over time.

Agenda for this session: 

  • Combine and MVVM

  • Practical coding on a banking application

  • MVVM, Combine, UIKit, Resolver, Dependency Injection, Unit testing

By adopting Combine, you’ll make your code easier to read and maintain, by centralizing your event-processing code and eliminating troublesome techniques like nested closures and convention-based callbacks.

Let’s explore it together!

When & Where: 19th of October, 6.30 pm, Aleea Tibles 26, 6th District, Bucharest 

New: Online on Teams

Language for this session: Romanian

Speaker of this session


A few things about Alex

An enthusiastic iOS developer, passionate about innovation and growth, Alex is always interested in new technologies and with a strong belief that every objective can be achieved, especially when working in the right team.

Alexandru Cojocaru

iOS Technical Specialist

Latest Meetups topics


Competing for technical talent. Ideas & solutions.

Bucharest, June 15th, 2022

Agenda for this edition

  • The importance of employer branding 

  • Differences in the recruitment process among different companies 

  • Digital recruitment and new tools on the market 

  • Recruitment market dynamic disparities


Diana Dima, HR Business Partner

Raluca Cucos, Senior IT Recruiter

Andreea Nichifor, Junior IT Recruiter


How we built a cloud-ready, scalable and secure backend platform using Java and Spring Boot microservices.

Bucharest, June 15th, 2022

Agenda for this edition

  • Apply effective restful API design principle 

  • Code for performance 

  • Choosing the right design pattern for microservices 

  • API security 


Ramona Dinescu: Java and Identity Solutions Manager 

Claudiu Neagoe, Senior Java Developer

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