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2023 Meetup Series

We aim to bring together the tech communities in Romania with similar interests, that are ready to share ideas and discover new ways of growing through collaboration. 

The Meetup Product Dev Event


Short term fix vs long term innovation in product development 

Although short-term vs long-term planning is sometimes seen as a “business vs tech” type of discussion, this is not always true. In many cases, we need to balance the trade-offs between a quick business (or technical) solution and a long-term one. Do we fix this bug quickly or invest in a proper technical solution? Do we create a quick throw-away spike or we invest in a well-designed feature? If this is something you often encounter in your professional environment let's get together for this meet-up.  


We will use Harp, our in-house HR application, as an example. The app was built in an environment full of ideas and changes, and had its share of challenges that we will discuss during the meetup.

We are always debating in the team the long-term views and short-term needs, looking for quick wins, but also developing a mature and stable product. We are in need of personalization but aimed for a standard, core product. If you find similarities with your professional challenges, we invite you to join us as we plan to share how we managed to innovate and build a fine product, with both our business and technical teams having their gains in this journey. 

Agenda for this session: 

  • Examples of how we navigate business vs technical discussions  - Navigate business and technical discussions. We will share our most feverish debates and the outcomes that came from them.  

  • Product architecture and long-term view with short-term wins. Down the technical journey lane from simple to complex and the simple again. 

  • Microfrontend benefits and challenges. How, why and when we need to use MFE and the best suitable solutions and challenges on this path.  

  •  Security and reporting solutions

  • Final debates and Q&A

The discussion is going to be interestingly technical, especially when we approach the last 2 points of the agenda. 

When & Where: 23rd of November 2023, 5.00 pm 

ONLINE on Teams

Language for this session: Romanian

Speakers of this session

Product Dev Speaker

A few things about Diana:

  • Diana Dima is our Harp’s Product Owner and HR Business Partner. She managed to embed HR philosophy into our HR application business flows.

  • She likes building products and processes that make a real positive impact. Her secret to getting things done is the purposeful discussions between business and technical teams, considering that businesses should involve trusted advisors in their processes and be open to change. 

Diana Dima

HR Business Partner

A few things about Sergiu:

  • Sergiu is our Software Architect, very passionate when it comes to designing user-focus solutions. He truly believes that technical teams have a responsibility to make users’ lives easier through smart technology choices, always using best practices, automation and intuitive flows.

  • He has 15 years of experience in various projects in telecom, banking and HR solutions. 

Product Dev Speaker

Sergiu Mita

Software Architect

Product Dev Speaker

A few things about Radu:

  • Radu Lozovanu is our Frontend most trusted advisor and a real partner in hand-shake discussions between backend, frontend and business.

  • He has a big passion for technology and innovation, building products that people use in their daily lives. In his 8 years at ITSS, he was in charge of designing applications and bringing them to the customer, following the latest frontend technologies and practices. 

Radu Lozovanu

Frontend Specialist

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