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2023 Meetup Series

We aim to bring together the tech communities in Romania with similar interests, that are ready to share ideas and discover new ways of growing through collaboration. 

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Building digital products in an agile environment

Join us for a new meetup dedicated to tech professionals, with a passion for innovation and developing digital products!  

This meetup is an opportunity to tap into the world of building efficient and innovative digital products in an Agile environment.  

During this event, you will have the chance to learn more about the role of a Product Owner, a Business Analyst, and a UX Designer in an agile environment. Discover how these professionals collaborate to successfully deliver digital products that not only meet the client's needs but also align with the business goals.  

In addition to gaining insights into product development, this meetup offers a networking opportunity. Connect with other professionals from the tech industry, exchange ideas, and learn from their experiences in the product field. Expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and be part of a community that shares your passion for creating exceptional digital products. 

Agenda for this session: 

Product owner: from vision to requirement 

  • Define the vision of the product 

  • Transforming the requirement in  features & building a backlog 

  • Introduction to workflow agile 


Business analyst: from requirement to requisit 

  • Intake & Analysis of the Requirements.  Epic->Story->Task Structure 

  • Transforming the requirements in clear specifications for the development and design teams  

  • Collaboration with the Product Owner to ensure the strategic alignment  

  • Delivering the requisites to design and development teams

UI/UX designer: from requirement to experience 

  • Understanding the needs of the users and sketching the lo-fi wireframes 

  • Design thinking & creating high-fi prototypes  

  • Collaboration with tech teams to translate the design into a functional product  

Final debates and Q&A

When & Where: 14th of September, 6.00 pm 

ONLINE on Teams

Language for this session: Romanian

Speakers of this session

TM Product Dev Speaker Marin.png

A few things about Marin:

  • Marin is a Product Owner in ITSS with a great passion for product design and product management. He likes to build, with one flow at a time, digital products with a real positive impact on the lives of the users.

  • He is also enthusiastic to share the experience accumulated in this field with other like-minded professionals. 

Marin Chitan

Product Owner

A few things about Daniela:

  • Daniela is an energetic, positive, and optimistic person who likes challenges. She has 10 years of experience in business analysis and  3 years in ITSS, where she embraced fully Agile methodology and IT technical analysis.

  • In the last year, she accepted the challenge to lead and form the team of business analysts, where she aspires to continuously develop new technical knowledge and skills. 

TM Product Dev Speaker Daniela.png

Daniela Popa

IT Business Analyst Team Lead

TM Product Dev Speaker Alex.png

Alexandru Nitu

UI/UX Designer

A few things about Alex:

  • Alex is at IT Smart Systems for 3 years, during which time he quickly advanced from Graphic Design Intern to his current position, of UI/UX Designer. He passionately went through multiple trainings, workshops and countless hours of self-learning and gained a multitude of knowledge that served him as an excellent basis for the various projects he worked on.

  • He is part of internal and international projects, working on HR platforms (Harp), PFM applications (Ryke), as well as financial applications for institutions such as Nova Hrvatska Banka, Cembra Money Bank and BCR, developing expertise in design and prototyping such as Adobe XD, AXure RP and Zeplin, as well as UX skills, generation of User Flows, creation and maintenance of Design Systems and identification and solution of user problems. 

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