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DWH Quality Assurance Engineer - Manual

Bucharest, Romania

Job Type

Full time

About the Company

We are #ITSSCommunity – proud, fun, and very much alive, always eager to discover, create, succeed, and deliver excellence. As a leading player in Digital Business Transformation and Fintech in Romania, we have been constantly evolving and striving for excellence, since 2002.


This job is the one for you if:

  • You have previous experience in banking;

  • You possess a strong understanding of QA procedures and mindset;

  • You have previous experience with bugs tracking tools (like Jira, Bugzilla);

  • You have experience with Postman or other API clients (nice to have);

  • Finding bugs is your hobby;

  • You are eager to ensure the quality for software products and services;

  • You have a strong understanding of data warehousing concepts, including dimensional modeling, ETL processes, data integration, and data quality;

  • You have experience with testing tools and techniques specific to DWH testing, such as SQL for data validation, ETL testing, and dimensional modeling testing;

  • You are well-versed in database management systems like Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, as well as data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Some of your main job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for system test phase execution according to Agile/ Waterfall methodologies;

  • Plan QA activities within project scope, create and maintain the test plan;

  • Execute the test cases as defined in the System Test Plan and prepare reports on test results;

  • Develop test plans, test strategies, and test cases for Data Warehouse (DWH) projects;

  • Assist customer during user acceptance;

  • Review and analyze business requirements and technical specifications to ensure comprehensive test coverage;

  • Perform Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) testing to ensure data is extracted from source systems, transformed correctly, and loaded into the data warehouse accurately;

  • Test data integration processes between different systems and databases to ensure seamless data flow;

  • Bugs queue management (defects monitoring, defects analysis, defects severity classification review, and agreement).

The things we value the most are:

  • community

  • autonomy

  • flexibility

  • efficiency

  • communication

Our benefits package showcases our commitment to work-life balance, offering a generous 35+ days of paid time off and flexible work arrangements, allowing you to take control of your schedule and work from anywhere.

You'll have full control over your budget and the freedom to customize your benefits plan to suit your needs. Options include life insurance, private pension, therapy sessions, investing in your passions, 7-card, and more.

By applying to this opening you confirm your interest and you agree with us storing your CV for the recruitment process.

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