2022 Meetup Series

We aim to bring together the tech communities in Romania with similar interests, that are ready to share ideas and discover new ways of growing through collaboration. 

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HR Edition Meetup

Competing for technical talent. Ideas & solutions.

With software and technology becoming mission-critical for businesses throughout the economy, companies in every industry are starting to recognise that their ability to compete comes down to one thing: having the right talent

As a result, finding the right technology talent is getting harder and is spreading to new fronts, as demand for roles grows. This expanding talent-search is creating a rather interesting environment for us in HR, as we are looking for alternatives and innovative approaches within our organizational culture to differentiate from others inside the same market. 

Agenda for this edition: 

  • The importance of employer branding 

  • Differences in the recruitment process among different companies 

  • Digital recruitment and new tools on the market 

  • Recruitment market dynamic disparities 

When & Where: 15th of June, 6.30 pm, Aleea Tibles 26, 6th District, Bucharest 

Speakers of this session

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Diana Dima

HR Business Partner 

Passionate about people and believes that HR is the engine of any organisation.

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Raluca Cucos

Senior IT Recruiter

Values quality, sincere people and well organised recruitment processes.  

Andreea Nichifor.png

Andreea Nichifor

Junior IT Recruiter

Curious about people insights, she connects easily and discovers people true potential. 

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Java Edition Meetup

How we built a cloud-ready, scalable and secure backend platform using Java and Spring Boot microservices.

As programming languages come and go, a few can be counted as popular as Java is nowadays. The demand for Java in tech companies is sky-high and our experts have prepared some interesting insights for you. 

Agenda for this edition: 

  • Apply effective restful API design principle 

  • Code for performance 

  • Choosing the right design pattern for microservices 

  • API security 

When & Where: 15th of June, 6.30 pm, Aleea Tibles 26, 6th District, Bucharest 

Speakers of this session


Ramona Dinescu

Java and Identity Solutions Manager 

Experienced in different types of architecture, integration and web technologies, Ramona is very straight forward, passionate and keen on performance standards. 


Claudiu Neagoe

Senior Java Developer 

Following new trends, with a contagious energy, Claudiu believes in quality, clean code and applying best practices on each piece of code he writes. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and share our knowledge on these subjects! 


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