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We bring Reliability to your tech path!

We have constantly turned our incredible team, customers, and partners, into a network where trust and added value are always our focus. No matter what, we have always made things happen. 

Your Digital Enabler since 2002

  • Full-lifecycle Digital Transformation programs 

  • Fast time to market using our Accelerators and Managed Services 


01Digital Customer Experience

  • Delightful Journeys - personalized experience across all channels

  • Seamless across all touchpoints - customers, employees and partners converged journeys

  • Convenience - journey started on the assisted channel and continued seamless in digital, or the other way around

  • Control – for consumers and employees over their privacy and data

  • Seamless Onboarding – digital onboarding accelerated with compliant built-in accelerators and processes: ID docs. capturing, liveness detection, KYC, live video chat, document management.

  • Digital Identity automatic creation

We continue to invest in developing accelerators for digital experience platforms, purpose-built for B2B engagement, online self-service, risk & compliance capabilities add-on’s, and constantly deliver innovation through integration with FinTech solutions.

03 Digital Integration


Integrate. Everything. Anywhere.

  • Automate and improve internal processes for a better, faster, and more efficient experience:

    • Discovery, analysis and blueprint re-engineering

    • Automate and optimize back-office processes (e.g. MIFID, Operation Gateway, ANAF Credit), using either open-source products (Kafka, Camunda) or enterprise products (IBM BPM, Oracle SOA)

  • Implement Operational Data Store - centralized data store, with high flexibility, scalability and predictable performance

  • Synchronize, integrate, transform and analyze enterprise data from various systems (Enterprise Service Bus, Reporting, analytics and business intelligence, ETL)

ITSS accelerators on top of workflow platforms, purpose-built for Open Banking and Digital Sales (Customer Onboarding, Product Origination etc.) related processes, with embedded Fintech solutions (e.g. PFM/BFM, KYC, scoring, liveliness, etc.)

02 Digital Security 

  • Consolidate the foundation of your ZERO Trust strategy – with Digital Identity, Adaptive Access, and API Security and Privacy

  • Build a passwordless future – with our biometrics and passwordless “done right” approach that emphasis Security, Convenience, Privacy and follows FIDO2 standard

  • Embrace the cloud and accelerate legacy modernization without impact

  • Boost employee productivity by accelerating onboarding and secure access - fast, seamless and intelligent access to applications from anywhere

  • Protect your Users and you Business with our best in class API Security (GDPR, OpenBanking, Explicit and Implicit Consent)

We developed several accelerators for pre-integration with a Digital Identity solution (based on OAuth2 and OIDC), for migration from legacy CA Siteminder to ForgeRock Digital Identity and a passwordless authentication sandbox (using OneSpan Security and ForgeRock Digital Identity).

04 Open Banking 


Open Banking reshapes the Financial Sector and traditional players will have to compete with new players such as Neo Banks and Fintechs.

Are you ready to dive in the new era of financial products built on top of PSD2 requirements and Open Banking standards? We certainly are!

  • UK Open Banking or NextGenPSD2 Berlin Group compliant implementations

  • Discover our SmartPG Suite to accelerate integration and connectivity, while ensuring compliance for any Open Banking player.

  • Our account agregator (Backbase) is ready for integration

  • Go beyond conventional banking experience with financial insights and management for individuals and small-medium business

Other than becoming an active part of Open Banking playground, keep in mind that time to market (low-code platforms), cost effectiveness (SaaS / managed services) and portfolio diversity (Fintech solutions integration) will be vital for each player performance.

Digital securiy
Purple - Blue Gradient

Some of the business challenges we solved:

Banking field, EU:

  • To create an Improved UX a across Digital Touchpoints and increase NPS  

  • Deliver Centralized Omnichannel for all subsidies in EU  

  • Start with one country market. Create reusable Omnichannel assets across EU markets  

  • Comply with local regulations in each EU market  

Banking field, Romania:

  • Transform the brand into a Digital Bank with top UX  

  • Take ownership of the Omnichannel Platform in the Digital Hub  

  • Shorten the release cycle for new features in Mobile/Internet Banking  

  • Create 360 view of customer information (Digital Touchpoints, Telesales, Branch)  

Financial field, US:

  • Consolidate Digital Identity and Security for a payments service provider customer base 

  • Integrate with SaaS or PaaS platforms  

  • Enter the API economy with an API first approach  

  • Secure the authentication for the Soft Point of Sale   

  • Fast time to market and deployment in AWS (pilot project)  

Who we work with?

Partnerships we value

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