One step in the present, the other one in the Future Banking. 

Simple. Secure. Unified. Yes, you need it, and we got this covered for you. 


The Integrator 

Our Open Banking hub offers a normalized interface on top of multiple bank's interfaces.  

It is a technical service provider for both AIS and PIS providers, fully compliant with Berlin NextGenPSD2 and Open Banking UK.  


The Conformer 

Our managed service offers out-of-the box continuous PSD2 compliance, enabling banks (as Account Servicing Payment Service Provider) to open secure programable Access to Account (XS2A) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) interfaces. 

Which of these services peaks your interest?

Interested about one of the innovative listed solutions or maybe all of them toghether?


Do not hesitate to drop us a quote!


The Monitor

Our managed service helps banks, in their capacity of Account Service Payment Provider, to comply with the reporting requirements of PSD2 by continuously monitoring the availability and performance of their APIs. 

How about an app?

As an example of SmartPG innovation you can now directly see it in action


Powered by SPG integration we give you Ryke, the first Open Banking app in Romania! 

The lightest personal financial advisor, right on your phone and (soon) on your wrist, following you anywhere, everywhere. It will help you optimize your financials by providing you personalized reports on your spending patterns. It will also let you know when you reach your targets (or cross your limits).

With RykePay you can quickly pay your bills from your domestic providers, just by scanning the barcode on your invoices.

Soon, it will process all your bank accounts transactions automatically to give you even more intelligent insights!


Development roadmap 

We aim to keep you informed every step of the way as we grow and evolve ryke. Let’s write our journey together!

Nov 2021

RykePay module improvements

Improvements with SmartPay integration

Sustainable financial behavior

Users feedback integration

Jan 2022 

Peer2Peer payments

Iun 2022

Launch of the Silver version

Ryke for Smartwatch

Tracking both your income and expenses

Flexible time-framed budgets

Alpha-version launch

Personal expenses vs budget monitoring

Personal expenses categories management

Monthly personalized reports

Bills payment (scan barcode)

Friendly push notifications

Dec 2021

More banks available 

More providers for bills payment 

Apr 2022 

Launch of the Beta version

Process bank accounts transactions automatically

Integration with SmartAccounts

Provide intelligent insights

Aug 2022

Ryke team would like to thank you for using our inovative app. Stick with us as we bring new updates and features based on your input.


Smart Banking times two!

Finest is the application you would want to manage your business finances. We employed Open Banking and envisioned a new way to be ahead of conventional company management and automatically process your invoices, perform payments, see balances, cash flow, and P&L projections. It is still cooking in our Innovation Hub to give you the finest!

Thank you for staying tuned!


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