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Project Management Team Leader

Bucharest, Romania

Job Type

Full time

About the Company

We are #ITSS Community – proud, fun and very much alive, always eager to discover, create, succeed and deliver excellency. We are one of the largest Romanian Digital Business Transformation and Fintech Player organization, founded in 2002 in Bucharest.


ITSS PM Team Leader represents the bond between business needs within ITSS& Project Management Team. He is responsible for creating a good working environment for his team, facilitating bonds, community creation and autonomy among his colleagues for successful project delivery. We expect our team leader to be both a good listener, to empower people and a promoter of ITSS values and strategy within his team.

Role’s objectives:

  • Manages: manages the team members career expectations, performance and level of happiness;

  • Adjusts: adjusts team processes, listening to feedback and guiding the team through the changes;

  • Owns: owns the projects he is involved in, delivering as Project Manager;

  • Evangelizes: researches, creates proofs of concept and introduces new project management concepts to the team.

Mission letter with responsibilities:

  • Creates and promotes an agile culture in ITSS projects;

  • Coordinates people, improves processes and systems (day to day activities, recruitment process, learning process, performance & feedback, retention and wellbeing);

  • Facilitates community building, team spirit and team objectives;

  • Responsible for upskilling and reskilling his team members skills;

  • Monitors team performance and makes sure his team has a well-balanced workload;

  • Creates onboarding journeys for new team members;

  • Organizes regular sharing lessons within his team;

  • Oversees monthly project reporting to ITSS management team and discusses project performance with the rest of the team;

  • Acts as Project Manager being responsible of at list one project at a time along with team leading responsibilities.

What do you need?

  • Proven experience as a team leader or coordinator;

  • At least several years of experience as an IT project manager;

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills;

  • Organizational and time-management skills;

  • People oriented person;

  • Knowledgeable of Agile way of working;

  • Decision making skills;

  • Romanian work permit.

The things we value the most are:

  • community

  • autonomy

  • flexibility

  • efficiency

  • communication

A proof of flexibility is present in our interesting series of benefits, which includes over 35 days (almost 2 months) of paid leave and remote& flexible working hours.

Besides them, you will own a budget and you will create your plan as you wish, choosing from life insurance, private pension, therapy sessions, invest in passions, 7 card and many more.

By applying to this opening you confirm your interest and you agree with us storing your CV for the recruitment process.

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